Optional features

Combinations are available.

Optional features


Combinations are available

  • Change of platform size
  • Adjustable height limit switch
  • Footcontrol
  • Extra controlbox with key
  • Turntable with el-mek. lock of turnmovement
  • Selflocking roll-off-stop
  • Undercarriage for pallettruck
  • Adjustable platform supportlegs
  • Lifttingeyes
  • Inspectionshatch
  • Reinforcement of platform for axleload or an open frame without plate

Surface Coating

Each lift table is fully protected with a hard wearing 2 component acrylic resin finish surface coating. Other finishes are available upon request.


A comprehensive, printed owner/operator manual, complete with diagrams, exploded views and spare parts list is provided with each lift in its own individual front cover for easy identification. Special certificates can be supplied.

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